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We believe in the power of love and community. Connecting people with special needs with those who can help them, Kind Hearts For You is hope turned into action, great causes into union, and so much love.

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Volunteering your time to help others doesn’t just make the world better, it also makes you better. Giving back to the community boosts your happiness, health, and sense of well-being. Come and join us!


Please join us to support families in need during this time of crisis.Your generosity allows us to continue our mission to donate and distribute food, masks, and sanitation supplies to less privileged families in the Bay Area. It also helps us with our educational projects and special events. Help us to change the lives of families living in difficult circumstances.

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Looking for help to find ways to feed your family? Do you know of a family or community in need? Call us to learn about our services. We’re here to listen and answer your questions.
650 714-7152
650 946-7698

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