A growing community of volunteers created in the face of impacts caused by COVID-19, dedicated to empowering families in times of crisis and engaging children to develop compassionate citizens.


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About Us

Kind Hearts For You is hope turning into action. With the impact of COVID-19, resulting in many families being vulnerable to limited resources, poor health and a lack of safety, Dinize Wales and Ellen Pacola turned their causes into a strong partnership. They reinforced their commitment to connect people to help others for positive social change within society. Mobilizing community members, they launched Kind Hearts For You.

Our Purpose

Our main goal is to alleviate the suffering of families in the community by providing food and essential hygiene items to those in need.

We seek to empower families by launching educational programs and acts of Kindness and engaging volunteers to become more compassionate and empathic citizens through service to their community.
Kindness, Empathy, Honesty, Transparency
We welcome everyone, regardless of age, immigration status, race, sexual orientation, cultural background, ethnicity, faith, gender identity, ideology, or income, and have the opportunity to reach their full potential with dignity.
Our Purpose

What We Do

Every week our dedicated team of staff and volunteers distributes grocery bags to low income families and individuals. Each bag comes with food and a healthy recipe (with ingredients included). From time to time children’s books and a special encouragement message written by children is included in the bag.

KHFY educates families on healthy and low budget food choices. Our recipes include all the health benefits and nutrients provided by the ingredients.

We engage young volunteers on a weekly basis. They help us in preparing the bags, writing letters of encouragement to the families, and distributing food at our missions. These transformative experiences educate teenagers and children to develop a sense of awareness and empathy, and the willingness to help less privileged people. As a result, they grow into valuable members of the community.

One of our programs is to hold seasonal events that bring art and culture to the children.

We also develop relationships with these families so that we can provide for their specific needs.
Food Station

Food Station

You may choose to establish a neighborhood Food Station and have an empty bin delivered to your house to be collected once a week.
Acts of Kindness

Kindness Projects

We are dedicated to building resilient communities by launching Acts of kindness  and engaging children to become compassionate citizens.


KHFY educates families on healthy and low budget food choices. Each bag comes with food and a healthy recipe (with ingredients included), and all the health benefits and nutrients provided by the ingredients.

Youth volunteering

Youth volunteerism is the key to creating lifelong change. Volunteering promotes a positive impact in the lives of children and teenagers by giving a sense of purpose and providing a natural sense of accomplishment. Youth who volunteer are more likely to perform better at school and work, and become civically active adults.

Food Distribution

Currently we distribute weekly in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.
image Events


We have fun filled events throughout the year that bring arts, culture and joy to the children of the families we help.
Youth Cooking Class

Youth Cooking Class

Once a month we provide a youth cooking class free of charge, so the children can enjoy learning fun ways to cook and eat healthy foods.

Corporate Partners

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality."
- John Lennon