is a growing community of volunteers dedicated to empowering families and engaging children whose families have become vulnerable by being exposed to limited resources, poor health, and a lack of safety. We provide healthy food and essential personal hygiene items to those families. We launch campaigns, fundraisers and educational workshops that teach both children and parents how to make healthier food options on a budget.


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About Us

KHFY is dedicated to making a positive difference in people’s lives. We quickly learned that, by working together and building a strong team, we are able to accomplish more and make a tremendous impact in the community. Kind Hearts cares for children, strengthens families, and serves local communities. We accomplish this through community outreach and a vibrant team of volunteers who serve local residents. Our young volunteers are also invited to partake in our regular events. While they may not be in need themselves, they can see and hear the different circumstances and struggles the community members they are helping have endured, and this can be humbling. Similarly, the team created an opportunity for the entire family, where parents and kids learn to see each other outside of their typical role. Volunteering as a family allows family members to build values together. It’s the perfect opportunity for parents to teach life skills to their children, all while providing substantial support to their community.
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Our Purpose

KHFY is a charity and social welfare organization focused on human services. Our purpose is to build resilient communities that empower families in times of crisis and engage children to develop compassionate citizens.The future starts now. We want to help, especially those living in less privileged conditions. We strongly believe in a better future for everyone.
Kindness, Empathy, Honesty, Transparency
We work as a team to ensure that everyone, regardless of age, immigration status, race, sexual orientation, cultural background, ethnicity, faith, gender identity, ideology, or income, has the opportunity to reach their full potential with dignity.
Our Purpose

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Your monthly gift creates a reliable source of funding year-round to help provide grocery bags to families facing difficult times.

You can choose to make a one-time donation. Or you can choose to donate an amount that will be charged automatically each month (this can be modified at any time).
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What We Do

By directing a strong network of people, our team is able to deliver Acts Of Kindness campaigns, where we support a group of people and their specific needs, in addition to guaranteeing an ecosystem that creates bridges between donors, volunteers, and families with special needs. By delivering grocery bags to families in need on a weekly basis, our goal is to contribute to healthier and safer environments for children of surrounding communities.
Art, Fun & Cooking

Art, Fun & Cooking

Another way we encourage children to use their imagination is through learning how to prepare healthy meals. It’s a rewarding feeling to see them applying their creativity and their abilities into making snacks out of healthy ingredients we provide to them. Combining foods together in a fun way is a great way to catch their interest. We strongly believe that all kids deserve to be educated on health at all levels — physical, mental, emotional, and social. Our team takes a step in the right direction by implementing classes that teach kids about the importance of choosing healthier foods and physical activities that are right for them.
Youth Volunteering

Youth Volunteering

We are a kid-friendly volunteer organization. Most of our activities are set up in ways that can have the participation of children and young adults. Getting children involved in social welfare events can be a way to show them firsthand the importance of volunteering and how they can reap the benefits that come from helping others. Kids who volunteer are more likely to perform better at school & work and become civically active adults. KHFY believes that mentorship is highly instrumental in bringing growth to teenagers and young adults who are thirsty for knowledge. Our team devotes a lot of time and effort to getting them to participate in our community events. Not only do we teach them how to pay it forward, but also to be grateful for what they have.
Kindness Letters

Kindness Letters

We believe that Kindness is teachable. Our Acts of Kindness campaigns empower individuals and communities to develop altruistic skills and put them into practice.  From a very young age, kids are wired to be kind. Even the youngest of children show an innate understanding of others’ needs. They are inclined to want to help those around them if given the chance. One of our projects is to encourage volunteers – children and young adults – to write positive messages to be placed inside grocery bags that are distributed to families on a weekly basis. This develops empathy and compassion, as well as empowers those who cannot contribute in other ways.
Health Workshops

Health Workshops

Some of our workshops are dedicated to allowing the community access to health professionals, such as nutritionists and dentists. Children and adults from disadvantaged communities have an opportunity to learn all about healthy eating habits and oral hygiene.Dr. Carolina Pacheco is one of the professionals who attended these workshops. She graciously displayed the importance of maintaining a daily oral hygiene routine. Parents and children learned all about the significance of brushing their teeth as well as flossing on a regular basis. It fills our hearts with joy to watch the kids dedicate their attention to such an essential part of their overall health.


KHFY educates families on healthy and low-budget food choices. Each bag comes with groceries and a healthy recipe attached (ingredients included). Along with the recipe, we provide descriptions of all the health benefits and nutrients contained in those ingredients. Our team understands that consuming healthier foods is vital for kids and can lead to higher IQ levels. Therefore, we encourage parents to cook nourishing, wholesome meals at home, as well as teach them that eating on a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing nutrition.
Books for Children

Books for Children

We all know that reading builds vocabulary as well as improves memory and concentration. It’s a good habit to develop in children from a young age. At KHFY, we care about the future of our children and part of our mission is delivering books to children with the purpose of encouraging a daily reading routine. Our wonderful team of volunteers collects gently used children's books and distributes them to underprivileged kids on a regular basis.


We have fun-filled events throughout the year that bring arts, culture, and joy to the children of the families we assist. Each year, we give these children the opportunity to enjoy a special event. We like to go the extra mile for them; love is the main ingredient we pour into these exceptional occasions. Annual celebrations such as Toy For Joy and Easter Kindness are staple events that families look forward to each year. In addition to parents receiving grocery bags, we also hand out gifts to all the children. Occasionally, Santa and the Easter Bunny make an appearance, turn up the music and invite everyone to dance. Here, children learn about the world. They build imagination and creativity. They engage in activities that foster cognitive growth. It’s a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Where we serve

Along with providing assistance to individuals and families, we are making a positive impact in the lives of countless individuals and families in San Mateo, San Jose, Sunnyvale, and San Martin, as well as shelters. One of the main focus areas of Kind Hearts For You is family support for those who are experiencing difficulties providing for their families. In addition, We support and deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to housing services. They provide prevention, outreach, shelter, interim, and permanent housing programming for individuals who are housing insecure or unhoused in the Bay Area of California. The shelters have a difficult work ending homelessness by providing a full spectrum of services to help people find a home, improve their lives, and stay housed. We want to be a part of this beautiful mission and help by providing healthy groceries to add to their daily meals and give them the opportunity of turning their lives around.

We know that fruits and vegetables are the cornerstones of a healthy and varied diet. They provide the human body with an abundance of nutrients, strengthen immune systems and help lower risks for a number of diseases. Overall, Kind Hearts For You is a dedicated organization that works tirelessly to improve the lives of those in need.
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San Martin/Gwinn Elementary School
13745 Llagas Ave
San Martin, CA 95046
Overfelt High School
1835 Cunningham Ave
San Jose, CA 95112
St. Mark's Lutheran Church
125 E Arques Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Laurel Elementary School
316 36th Ave,
San Mateo, CA 94403
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"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality."
- John Lennon